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Because we believe that every business has a right to financial services, Notch Pay universalizes payments for you. Accept payments on your platforms now.

Convenient for businesses, we make financial transactions easy with access to a variety of payment methods to accept your trades seamlessly.

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Sell with what you have and more

Integrating Notch Pay into your payment system is extremely quick and easy. The platform has been designed to be simple and intuitive, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your business.

Once you sign up, you have access to our API, which will allow you to integrate our payment system into your website or application in just a few minutes.

Notch Pay offers comprehensive documentation and technical support to help you at all times. Our team of experts is always ready to answer all your questions and guide you through the integration process.


The seven orishas

  • 1


    First, the business must register on the Notch Pay website and create a merchant account.
  • 2


    Notch Pay verifies the business to ensure legitimacy and regulatory compliance.
  • 3


    The business sets up its Notch Pay account by choosing the payment methods they wish to accept and customizing the look and feel of the payment platform to match its brand.
  • 4


    The company uses Notch Pay's API to integrate the payment platform into its website or mobile application.
  • 5


    The business conducts testing to ensure that the payment platform is properly integrated and that payments can be processed without issue.
  • 6

    Approval and switch to production

    The merchant can now switch your account to production to make your first payment.
  • 7

    First Payment

    Once your first payment is made, Notch Pay processes the payment and transfers the funds to the Merchant account.

Use it at your convenience

Notch Pay stands out for its great flexibility and its ability to integrate seamlessly with any type of system. Whether it's online platforms, mobile applications, or billing solutions, Notch Pay can be seamlessly integrated. With this adaptability, merchants and businesses can offer a seamless payment experience to their customers, regardless of the sales channel or device used.

  • Hosted payment page

    • Embeddable checkout
    • Optimized for any device
    • Adaptable to your branding
    • Localizable payments methods
  • Assemble your own puzzle

    • Full control

Powerful dashboard

We provide you with a dashboard that helps you visualize your revenues, track your transactions and all your operations

Notch Pay Dashboard Screenshot
  • Trackable payments

    The Notch Pay dashboard allows you to view your real-time payments, issue refunds, manage discounts, cancel payments, and track pending payments.You can also search transactions by date, amount, and payments type.
    Notch Pay Fraud transaction Screenshot
  • Manage your customers

    With our powerful dashboard you can manage customer information such as their name, address, and payment details. Merchants can also view each customer's transaction history, including payments, refunds, and cancellations.
    Notch Pay customers management Screenshot
  • Fraud and Risk Management

    Notch Pay offers a suite of fraud management tools to help identify and prevent fraudulent activities. Merchants can set up fraud detection rules, block suspicious transactions, and report fraudulent activities to Notch Pay.
    Notch Pay Fraud detection Screenshot
  • Fund Transfers

    Our dashboard allows merchants to transfer funds to a registered bank account, Mobile Money, PayPal or others Digital Wallet. Users can also view the history of fund transfers and track their status.
    Notch Pay Transfer Screenshot
  • Invoicing

    Notch Pay's invoicing feature allows users to create and send invoices to customers via email. Users can also track the status of invoices and payments made.
    Notch Pay Invoicing Screenshot
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